Our Story

Why do we create space it’s because we love BBq and one day we decided to go for a drive and find a place to eat when we quit there we walked up to the counter and got our order and kind of like a cafeteria was given a tray of disposable hi disposable plates plates yeah and we sat down and we ate and then we noticed that it like flavor it was dry it was not fresh it was all served in a paper basket some and some of the items even seemed familiar tasting or looking as if they were using the same package dressings sauces the big beans kind of seems like I’ve seen us somewhere else and I can the mac & cheese kind of seemed like it was a popular product used by everybody him so right then and there with him and I decided that BBq deserves a way better way better treating in terms of how it served to people where it should be done more in a fine dining casual way where you sit down with others and be served and enjoy yeah you know cocktails and the presentation in the food is done when you order it not just sitting in a container in a hotbox or or steam table.

Here at the Factory @4914 everything is made from fresh and from scratch with the techniques that I have learned over the last 20 years as a chef And presented with the culinary arts I have been trained to do from some of the top chefs in the Tampa Bay Area